Boy Football Cake $90

This is a last minute cake I was asked to make at 2 something in the morning; I had it delivered before 6 am anyway. Very cute!

Sage and Tan Cake

The picture is not very good, because I forgot to take a picture before I delivered it to friend of mine. But you can still the colors, this is basically a different colored version of "It's a boy!" cake. This cake has chipboard letters painted sage, tan and sage ribbon, confetti that is off white/tan; I think it was just adorable!!!

Pink Bunny Cake

This is a cute bunny cake I recently made. Just wanted to share it.
I made this cute cake for my sister, she had a co-worker getting ready to have a baby. :)

It's a boy!

This is a diaper cake made with ribbons, confetti, and chipboard letters.

Hooded towel cake

75+ diapers, 2 hooded towels, 2 matching washcloths, receiving blanket, bottle, and ribbon. More items can be added to this for additional cost.

Items currently in stock

Princess cake

Football boy cake

Football lovers cake

75+ size one diapers, four receiving blankets, 2 pair of socks, 2-4 washcloths, 3 wooden footballs decals, lovey, ribbons, and one useful surprise in the middle (bottle or travel size powder, lotion or baby wash)

75+ size one diapers, four receiving blankets, 3 wooden footballs decals, lovey, and ribbons.

75+ size one diapers, four receiving blankets, 3 wooden footballs decals, and ribbons.

Bright cheery cake


The bottom tier is a growth chart. These are out of stock I can substitute a blue receiving blanket and a couple of washcloths.

This the receiving blankets used in this cake. The bottom is a receiving blanket with the dog/lovey attached.

One tier diaper cake

25+ diapers, receiving blanket, bottle, 5-6 washcloths, ribbons, flowers and lace.

Diaper Baby bassinet



This is a baby bassinet. Isn't this cute? It has about 20 diapers, ribbons, lace and teething toy/stuffed animal for baby! What a neat little gift to take to the hospital! Face it we all feel a little weird showing up empty handed! This comes on a cloth covered cardboard round inside a cute plastic gift bag!

$18 No teething toy, but has a travel pack of lotion, powder, tear free shampoo, and two samples.

How they start

I can make this for you to decorate yourself!

Ribbon cakes

Purple Ribbon/Flowers Cake
Presented on a cake board with matching fabric and shrink bag with a matching ribbon!

Lady bug cake


Black and Red ribbons, 3 wooden ladybugs, and over 75 size one diapers. Presented with a cake board covered with matching fabric and wrapped up in a shrink bag.

Best Seller

Currently out of stock for boys
I can substitute a regular receiving blanket and add an extra couple of washcloths.
70+ diapers, three receiving blankets, growth chart(bottom tier), booties, socks, binky, bottle, frog teething ring, 3 washcloths, and ribbons.


or $55 with a smaller toy!

Currently out of stock
I can substitute a regular receiving blanket and add an extra couple of washcloths.

Peas in a Pod

This cute little Peas in a Pod were made for a set of triplets, but I can do two peas in a pod for TWINS!

Triplets~ 21 diapers, three dolls, three onesies, some flowers, and one pillow case for the pod!Triplets~ $40

Two frogs in a pod

Twins~ 15 diapers. two dolls/teething toys, two onesies, some foliage, and one pillow case for the pod!
Twins~ $30

Purple girly cake

70 Swaddlers size one diapers, 4 receiving blankets, 4 washcloths, shoes, onesie, bottle, head band, hair clips, flowers, ribbons and lace!!!

These are the cutest shoes. I just love them!

Jungle Cake


This is a Jungle themed cake with the colors my friend wanted to match her nursery. Made with 75+ diapers, teething ring, 2 toys (giraffe, monkey), 3 wash cloths, 1 bottle, booties, four wood animal shapes, and ribbons (these were used instead of receiving blankets).

Diaper buggy $35

This a diaper buggy! Aren't these the cutest things you have ever seen? These can be made for a boy or girl. They come with a toy/doll/lovey doll to look like the passenger of the buggy. Each are made with around 30 size newborn diapers, two to four washcloths (depending on size of wash cloth), 2 bibs, ribbons and lace. I can also make the base with a receiving blanket on it for $3 more. So the mom to be will have more useful gifts.

This was for a friend she had a jungle theme for her nursery. So I used a lion plush with a rattle, jungle ribbon, and some lace to make it cute, but not too girlish.

This a girly girl buggy. Cute little butterfly lovey was used, with pink polka dot ribbon and beautiful lace. The washcloths are the wheels! The bibs are the hood of the buggy.

Here are some better pictures of a buggy outside the bag!

Little Boy Cake/Best seller

This boys cake has 75+ diapers, 3 receiving blankets, growth chart (bottom tier), 3 washcloths, baby boy car booties, socks, teething toy, and topped with ribbons!

This cake can be made without the growth chart. I will substitute a receiving blanket and a couple extra washcloths to make up the difference!

Girly Pink Cake


This cake all girl. This cake has a lot of stuff! For starters it took over 75 diapers to make! 4 receiving blankets, 2 head bands, 4 wash cloths, baby Binky, 2 bottles, baby booties, teething toy, flowers, ribbons and lots of lace!